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The body tells a story ... by paying attention to the tension patterns held in the body, the osteopath can “read” the story that the body has to tell. The more accurately the osteopath reads the story, the better the problems can be resolved.

Often the tension patterns have been held by the body for long periods of time and may relate to old accidents, injuries or life events, including emotional trauma, which can leave a lasting physical effect. The body can compensate for these, but compensating can put a burden on the body and symptoms will appear sooner or later.

Because the technique is very gentle it can be used for people of all ages. The newborn can benefit enormously from osteopathy which relieves a host of symptoms related to the trauma of birth. Treating children is of paramount importance – Osteopathy can help guide their growth towards its optimum by resolving strain patterns arising from accidents, sports injuries, illness, rapid growth phases and orthodontic work.

You can email Nick directly on nick@theriversidepractice.com

what you’ve said

Following my wife’s recommendation I have been seeing Nick Tuckley once a week for about 6 weeks as I could hardly walk which transpired I had put my pelvis out.

Due to Nick’s magical hands I can now walk as normal and I cannot recommend him highly enough. No matter what your problem is Nick can work magic.

Nick Tuckley is a man of great integrity and experience with a gentle strength and wisdom. His compassionate treatments alleviate both long standing pain and injury and at the same time encourage healing and any necessary re-alignment and are wonderful at reinstating balance and initiating healing after an injury or surgery. I whole heartedly recommend him.
After months of pain from a frozen shoulder, I finally went to the Riverside practice.
Just a few treatments from Nick and it was healed completely.  Now I know to call here first.
Nick’s treatments are a curious combination of feeling very gentle whilst at the same time being profoundly effective.  Over the past 8 years, Nick has successfully treated me for a wide range of problems and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Alison provides both pilates and physiotherapy in one package. Because she is a fully qualified physio you feel completely safe with all the movements.  Pilates has given me back movement in my spine and upper back, more strength in my legs and a feeling of wellbeing. After years of pain in my lower back, hips and knees, pilates really has been a life-changer.

I have been working with Alison on my lower back and hip pain for several months now and she has really helped me.

My discomfort is greatly reduced and mobility is increased. Thanks for all your help Alison and look forward to our next session.

Alison is a gifted and experienced physiotherapist and pilates teacher. She is always well prepared and makes every session enjoyable, building from the one before, but also responding sensitively to the needs of the moment. I don’t know how I would have recovered the full use of my arm (after injury) without Alison’s help. She really knows what she is doing.

Nick transformed my life from being in continual pain for years
to be able to resume my former active life again.
Thank you.


After 10 years of recurring lower back pain, after a couple of treatments with Nick, I experienced instant relief … and have been pain free ever since!
I highly recommend Nick Tuckley to anyone suffering with similar!