Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards

I am always asking the common question – Who am I and what is Life about? In my early teens I started to find answers in the practice of Yoga, which I have continued with ever since. This took me to India and the study of Ayurvedic medicine, which then lead me on to study Acupuncture.

I have been in general Acupuncture practice since 1991 and with the water births of my two daughters, many years ago, was inspired to support couples in their desire to experience the love of having a child, whether through natural conception or IVF.

I trained with Janet Balaskas in 1995 as a childbirth educator, doula and yoga for pregnancy teacher. Since then I have supported many couples, through my couples classes, Acupuncture and/or Spiritual Counselling with their pregnancies, births and early parenthood As a doula I have attended a variety of births.

My questioning recently took me on a journey to train as an Interfaith Minister and I was ordained in 2006. I offer Source or Spiritual Counselling to those who ask the same question as I do-What is this All about and what are my blocks to LOVE?

I offer Acupuncture and/ or Spiritual Counselling for any physical, mental or emotional condition that prevents us from feeling free and happy in ourselves and our lives.

To make an appointment please call 0770 356 1616