Nick Tuckley DO (Registered Osteopath)

Nick has had a general family osteopathic practice for twenty years. He treats a very wide range of conditions for people of all ages – from the newborn to the elderly. In the early 1990s, he tutored at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, and the treatment of babies and children remains an important part of his practice.

Osteopaths spend most of their working lives dealing with pain – whether it occurs in a young person through work or sports injuries or in an older person with arthritis. Their role is to alleviate pain, to improve mobility and to make patients’ lives more comfortable.

It is often a pain syndrome which prompts a visit to the osteopath, who will assess the structure and function of the body mechanics to formulate a diagnosis. Mechanical problems such as joint malalignment results in inflammation, spasm and a neural and circulatory deficit. The gross bony mechanics are assessed as well as the more subtle tissue tensions.